Palm Springs is home to an exceptional group of Modernist projects, both residences and civic structures by Neutra, Lautner, Frey, and countless others. Palm Canyon, a new mixed-use development in the heart of Palm Springs, builds on this important heritage, extending the city’s history of inventive design into today. The project’s site near Vista Chino has been a particularly important nexus for design; the project mends a rift in the existing urban fabric to create a more active, unbroken pedestrian streetscape from the city’s center along Palm Canyon Drive.

A diversity of retail, community spaces, and related amenities are located along this eastern edge of the project site, sheltered by an overhanging, crenelated canopy whose horizontal profile shapes the projects’ overall iconography and shades the activity of the paseo beneath. Residences on the upper floor are clustered under a series of gently sloping roofs, their angled forms evoking a classically Modernist silhouette and providing ample shade to the private balconies provided for each. As the project extends to the west and Camino Norte it’s form dissolves to create a more sympathetic relationship with the adjacent residential neighborhood.

Landscaped loggia and courtyards are interspersed throughout, creating a project that is as much garden as building. The site and landscape, also designed by 64North, includes a diversity of drought-tolerant species including cacti, palo verde trees, and broad palms overhead. The building’s overall design lends to it being highly sustainable, with generous access to natural light, ventilation during the winter months, and shade throughout the year. The project is designed to be constructed of prefabricated modules, further reducing construction waste and speeding project delivery.


Architecture, Interiors, Landscape & Lighting