Lumenwerx, the fastest growing lighting manufacturer in North America, was well known as an international leader in the design and production of linear lighting. Upon collaborating, they were looking to expand their market footprint to include recessed downlights as well as cylinders and cubes in both monopoint and pendant application. From this partnership emerged their Voila series, a line of lights that could stand among the very best in terms of functionality and versatility, meeting the various needs of any and all customers.

From a single luminaire, a unique-tiered optical system enables ultimate beam control, multiple beam patterns and complete field adjustability as well as custom modules and color tuning as needed. The Viola series is supported by a full range of set and programmable drivers with impeccably smooth precision control, making them suitable for all applications such as offices, private residences, schools, hospitals, retail settings, restaurants, or galleries.

Lighting is offered in various pendant and ceiling-mounted configurations to answer life’s countless needs. Options include; flush, deep, or shallow regressed lenses; black, white or custom finishes; 2” diameter round luminaires available in 6” and 11” heights or square luminaires available in 6” and 11”.


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