The striking, bold and dynamic design for this hot Pilates franchise seamlessly integrates lighting, fire life safety and most importantly, radiant heating elements, allowing the studio’s temperature to be raised above ninety degrees. Located in a commercial area of Los Angeles, passerbys get glimpses of its alluring quarters within without exposing too much of its sanctuary of a space to the busyness of the street outside. Though a relatively small space, it inspires a great degree of wonder, discovery, intensity, and focus.

Upon entry, a levitating desk accompanied by retail casework and a dynamic ceilingscape welcomes visitors. A long hallway serving the various studios is lined with recessed benches to gather before and after class with additional storage tucked cleverly away beneath. Contrasting walls of glossy linear patterns and venitian plaster finishes partnered with integrated lighting of decorative fixtures and copper-clad pedents unite the various spaces. Additional millwork adds both richness and storage for equipment while elements of statuario marble contrast and brighten the space.

Within the main studio, a floor lined with tiered platforms and ceiling composed of negative space Ziggurats surrounded by maple-clad walls mirrors the warmth of its activities within easing pilates goers into a state of exercise and exertion. A smaller secondary studio houses a series of reformers and an additional lounge provides refuge for stretching. Restrooms and showers are located at the rear, as well as laundry and other support spaces. A kitchen and series of refrigerators provide guests with refreshments, scented towels and relief post workout.


Architecture, Interiors, Lighting Design, & Identity