Dave Wong, 64North’s Digital Director, is a recognized pioneer in the design and coding of interactive applications and websites. For the past 20 years he has combined his technical knowledge, creativity, and a deep understanding of how data and analysis can inform business to create enterprise software applications, websites, apps, and successful digital marketing campaigns.

Dave has led the development of our most complex interactive media projects over the past decade, including websites for MIT, Concerto, John Kelly Chocolates, MendMe, and the AIA. Dave and the team he leads are expert in client-side technologies including D/HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, AngularJS, and Bootstrap; server-side coding including PHP and Java and web server management for both Apache/Tomcat and Microsoft IIS; custom-coded content management systems as well as Drupal and WordPress; both Oracle and MySQL databases; and search engine optimization and web analytics.

Dave began his career designing and deploying the first interactive television technologies and nascent online shopping technology for companies, including Hyatt Worldwide, Sheraton, and MT&T. He then was a leader in user-focused enterprise web application for clients, including FedEx, General Motors, Oracle, Intuit, and Kaiser Permanente.

Dave studied architecture and visual design at the University of California, Berkeley. A former motorcycle racer, he is an outdoor enthusiast and a member of one of the nation’s most respected search and rescue teams.