At the foot of the Washington Monument, a new landscape, visitors center, and outdoor amphitheater create a new entrance to the experience of our National Mall as well as linking to the Tidal Basin to the south and the broader ecosystem of the Potomac. Creating a more consequential partnership between the monument and nature, biology, and water is in keeping with the agrarian philosophies of Washington, Jefferson, and L’Enfant, and represents a new democratic ideal for our own time.

The visitors center and surrounding landscape, for which Wil Carson was the Senior Designer at MMA, is carefully inserted into the surrounding topography, integrated with a series of historic buildings that dot the surrounding landscape of pathways, plazas, and greenway, developed in partnership with Tom Leader Studio Landscape Architecture. At the project’s center is a new flexible amphitheater, its structure designed to telescope outward, creating a flexible armature for a diversity of audience and performance sizes and types from small musical performances to major events for national celebrations.


Senior Designer, MMA


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