A wintry, crystalline environment of changing hues and pattern, Sweet Crush Ice Bar is the first store for an new Taiwanese shave ice franchise. The design, which includes bespoke furniture and lighting, transforms to mirror a changing clientele, shifting from a sun-dappled space for families and children to a color-filled after-hours ice bar.

Perforated panels envelop the space and integrate structure, audio, lighting, conditioning and security. LEDs are concealed within, washing the plenum behind, offering a fully programmable range of colors and temporal sequencing. Lighting for the project is highly sustainable, with a total energy footprint of less than 0.6 watts per square foot.

Secondary spaces within the store include a fireplace seating area and children’s nook, providing multiple scales of use and interactive display screens. Bespoke furniture provides an important connection between customers and the store, creating additional layers of visual texture and detail. Finishes for the project are primarily reflective, refractive and transparent, their surfaces multiplying the immersive experience within.


Light & Architecture Design Award, Best Lighting Design on a Budget,
Architectural Lighting Magazine
American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Restaurant Design Award Finalist
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Guth International Award of Excellence,
for Lighting Design
IES Guth National Award of Merit for Lighting Design
Lumen West Award of Excellence for Lighting Design


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