The Sixth Street Viaduct, for which Wil Carson was the Project Designer and Hiroshi Tokumaru the Senior Technical Coordinator at Michael Maltzan Architecture, represents a new model for how multimodal infrastructure can reconnect and revitalize our cities, linking downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District with the history and heritage of Boyle Heights to the east. Los Angeles is a city defined by infrastructure, characterized by the freedom its freeways originally enabled and symbolized. As the city has become more dense, infrastructure now isolates as much as connects. The viaduct points the way to an alternative urbanism where infrastructure enhances, rather than fragments, our urban fabric. The 3,500 foot spans the L.A. River, which is undergoing a transformation of its own; a large new urban park beneath links for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicle connectivity across the entire span of the Viaduct creating a more consequential, reciprocal relationship between this new icon and the surrounding city.


Wil Carson, Project Designer
Hiroshi Tokumaru, Senior Technical Coordinator
Michael Maltzan Architecture


HNTB | Engineering
Hargreaves Associates | Landscape Architecture
Urban Strategy & Modern Times | Community Relations
Glenn Kaino | Art
Skanska Stacy and Witbeck | Contractor