The 8-acre Playa Vista Central Park is a new model for landscape, one that premiates activity and performance over more a passive understanding of how a park might work, creating a dynamic experience that has fundamentally transformed and energized the surrounding context.

The park, for which Wil Carson was the Senior Designer at MMA, is interwoven with the landscape of office buildings to the north and south, structured as a bar code of sequential activities, lined by bosques and allees of alders, elms, and pines. These bridges, linked by an east-west path which echoes the historic footprint of Howard Hughes’ runway which once crossed the site, include soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts, childrens’ play areas, an amphitheater, herb garden, as well as other spaces for recreation and relaxation. At the park’s center rises a new bandshell, a tensile structure clad in glass-coated Teflon cantilevering over the circular stage beneath, a glowing lantern in the center of the surrounding landscape as day turns to night.

“The play of built and landscaped elements is complex and delightful…. its choreography of activities is an antidote to our increasing social disconnectedness … a place where people gather to work, play, and socialize.”



Senior Designer, MMA


Iwan Baan, Christopher Norman & 64North