The Pirelli RE Office Complex is a concentrated urban office and conference center in Milan, Italy. The project’s 827,000 square foot area is concentrated in two 130-foot high towers that are connected by a bridge. By concentrating the required spaces within a dense urban form and lifting this form above the ground plane, an expansive park is created within the city, creating new densities of movement and meeting places along and above the site.


This project was designed by Wil Carson when he served at Senior Designer at MMA. The towers are organized as a series of sixteen distinct leasable zones which can be easily scaled and reconfigured to meet the needs of individual tenants. The building’s envelope is designed to maximize the quality of light and air while minimizing energy and maintenance costs over the life cycle of the project.

At the heart of each building is a structural atrium that meets at the building’s center that functions not only as structure but are also integral to the building’s sustainability. Both buildings are naturally ventilated for a significant portion of the year with the combination of the building’s optimization of fresh air and daylight with the atrium’s ability to exhaust hot air from the building and draw in cooler air. These multi-level atria also act as places for interaction and collaboration for workers in both buildings.