Levitated along the edge of the Los Angeles River, One Santa Fe is an icon for and a catalyst of the downtown Arts District’s rapid transformation and continued growth. Stretching for nearly a quarter mile, the 510,000 SF project’s extraordinary linear form and logic extend from the infrastructural context of its surroundings, including a direct connection from its northern terminus to light rail on the adjacent First Street Bridge, a future connection to the west to the river and planned mass transit, as well as the adjacent linear form of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, a former freight depot.

The 439-unit mixed use complex, for which Wil Carson was the Senior Designer and Hiroshi Tokumaru the Senior Technical Coordinator at MMA, bridges over vehicular entries into the heart of the complex, creating a new commercial center inhabited by Amazebowls, another 64North project. Balconies and shared amenity spaces on the upper levels provide connections both to this shared public realm and to exceptional vistas back to the downtown skyline.

“What gives the $165-million project its unusual symbolic power is that it takes the generic stuff of a typical L.A. apartment building — a wood frame in white stucco lifted above a concrete parking deck — and expands it dramatically to urban scale. It points the way to a more inventive, less paint-by-numbers kind of housing.”



Senior Designer & Senior Technical Coordinator, MMA


Iwan Baan & 64North