The Los Angeles State Historic Park is a catalyst for connection and change in what is both the heart of historic Los Angeles and one of the most rapidly changing areas in the Los Angeles Basin. This 32-acre park has three interpretive centers devoted to ecology, cultural heritage, and media arts, totaling 52,000 SF. The Park’s pathways and structures reconnect the Park with the adjacent communities and provide a visible language of connection, linking culture and gathering spaces into the Park.

This project was designed by Wil Carson during his time as Senior Designer at MMA. Connected by an interpretive time line along the Park’s north edge, knowledge centers house exhibits and programs that orient visitors to the environmental, cultural, and technological histories of Los Angeles. These centers provide new vantage points for understanding how the Park and the city are intertwined.

As each of the structures lift, they multiply the field of activities that can take place across the Park and also create specific microclimates of shade and cool mist during Los Angeles’s hottest days. Each of the bridge structures and architectural elements within the project are specifically designed with a belief in the deep integration of systems, technology and form to reflect the Park’s larger environmental goals and to be self-sufficient in energy use.