The proposed design for Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s 96,000 SF Administration Building builds on JPL’s legacy as a creative icon and the belief that signature architecture must fundamentally capture the spirit of the institution it represents.

While Senior Designer at MMA, Wil Carson took the organization of the traditional office building and reconceived and reconfigured it, favoring connection and transparency over a rigid standardized form. The necessary privacy of individual office suites is balanced with open hallways and sightlines that create a sense of openness and possibility. Meeting spaces are situated along primary circulation routes to encourage interaction and collaborative activity. An integrative landscape design approach allows the building to embrace the creative life that unfolds around it.

The proposed design envisions the Administration Building as a unifying setting that brings together the engineers, scientists, and administrators across the campus. As a LEED Silver project, the design reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship, offering its inhabitants flexible and airy spaces that maximize comfort and productivity within an energy efficient platform. Daylight is drawn deep into the building’s core while the thermally efficient exterior envelope minimizes glare and heat loading through carefully positioned apertures that balance transparency with passive cooling.