Concerto is a pioneer in providing comprehensive care to the elderly and others with complex health needs. We have been fortunate to be part of their rapid growth, which includes a fourfold increase in patients nationwide.

Concerto is one of 64North’s largest projects to date, including the development of a comprehensive communications, public relations and advertising campaign. One of the most significant elements of our work for Concerto was rebranding the company (formerly Fidelis) including the development of a new name, a new brand, messaging, photography, signage, collateral, advertising, and a comprehensive engagement strategy for multiple audiences including members, plans, the community, regulators, Wall Street, and the press. In addition, we have created multiple websites for Concerto, each targeted to specific audiences, as well as integrating technically complex provider and member portals which include sensitive HIPAA-related information with multiple levels of security.


Naming, Branding, Business & Marketing Strategy, Websites, Photography, Copywriting, Publications & Advertising Design, Signage & Public Relations