At the heart of a new urban center in China’s rapidly developing Sichuan Province, the Ju Gong Bridge and Waterfront Park form a vital link at the core of a 565-acre development. The project is an icon for infrastructure and connection within the community that seamlessly integrates architecture, infrastructure and landscape.

Linking the development’s residential areas and commercial center, the 260-foot span incorporates two-way vehicular circulation and multiple pedestrian and bicycle pathways. The bridge, designed by Wil Carson while he was Senior Designer at MMA, is more than a simple connection between one bank and another. At its center, the bridge widens to incorporate a more intimate space for gathering and rest, incorporating seating which recalls the traditional mei ren kao, or “beautiful seat”. As the pathway descends to the central pier beneath the roadway, its tapered form grazes the water’s surface. At night, LED light ribbons trace these braided paths, their interwoven trajectories arcing over the river.