This masterplan for Pasadena’s ArtCenter College of Design, for which Wil Carson was the Project Designer at Michael Maltzan Architecture, wrestled with a complex quandary: how to bring ArtCenter and its landmark 1976 Craig Ellwood building into the present day, respecting its legacy while providing for the future? The resulting design, which was the winner of an International Design Competition, is the first part of a larger engagement with the College as it continues to evolve and grow.

The project begins by defining new spaces for learning, but also supports creating spaces that support interconnection, both within the College and in relationship to industry, alumni, and the community. This means not only creating state of the art classrooms and studio workspaces, but helping ArtCenter identify opportunities in which new and unique spaces can provide the necessary physical space while accommodating and enabling the College’s broader philosophical and pedagogical mission.


Wil Carson, Project Designer
Michael Maltzan Architecture