Nestled beneath a scalloped canopy extending along the adjacent streetscape is Amazebowls, an intimate, intricate, and dramatic new space in the heart of Los Angeles’ Arts District. Part of this downtown district’s continued transformation, the project is the first brick-and-mortar flagship for a rapidly expanding franchise serving bowls of the Brazillian superfruit Açaí.

Located at the southern terminus of One Santa Fe, the iconography of the store is defined by a scooped ceiling overhead, sculpted from a series of domes. These classical forms are abstracted, aggregated, and scaled into a contemporary, complex, non-uniform whole. Extending beyond the store’s perimeter to encompass the surrounding sidewalk, the breadth of this canopy blurs interior and exterior and is a welcoming invitation to passersby. It expands the store’s presence along the street, shelters outdoor seating beneath, and extends the store’s otherwise modest interior footprint. From their cars, motorists glimpse its illuminated form, a celebratory beacon evoking interest and wonder in the darkness between SCI-Arc opposite and One Santa Fe above.

Within the store, curvilinear maple walls embrace the entry and an elliptical stone counter, creating a warm, haptic counterpoint to the abstract topography overhead. This interplay of materiality and figuration, further animated by the pendants dotting the space, creates an ever-changing choreography of volume, surface, and light. Building systems, lighting, audio, and security infrastructure are organized out of sight at the recessed perimeter of the ceiling overhead. Casework throughout the store integrates front- and back-of-house functionality while providing ample space for food preparation and seamlessly routing customers from initial entry to point of sale.


Architecture, Interiors, Product Design & Branding


Sean O’Connor Lighting | Lighting Design